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Ways to Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy should be a way of life and not just a whim-fulfilling prophecy. Why is it important to have healthy food? Well, let’s just say that if you care for your health and love your body, it should be a prerequisite to a healthy living plan. A lot depends on the kind of food that we eat. A healthy diet has a direct effect on our weight and general health, and many diseases can also be curbed by sticking to a healthy and balanced diet. However, many people might be confused about what ‘healthy’ is and how to start eating the right way. The following article shall try and answer all these questions and supply you with some pointers on how to go about doing that and stick to it (which is more important).

Easy Ways to Start Eating Healthy

The word healthy usually replicates an image of salads and bland greens, bitter juices, and the like. First of, that is not what healthy is. Healthy, according to me, means something that does not tax our system, it is in fact good for it and helps in maintaining our good health and expending energy throughout. Here are some tips on how to choose healthy food.

General Understanding of Food
There is so much variety of food types available today that many times we are left confused about what to eat. The variety is not necessarily always healthy – there’s processed foods and junk foods mixed with healthy foods and therefore the choice becomes difficult. That is why it is important to know the variety of foods that can harm you. Some of these include processed foods, high sugar foods, added color agents, preservatives and oily foods as opposed to the foods that are good for you – Basic food groups, whole wheat, and natural foods.

This is just a very broad frame of putting things. For things to really fall into place, buy one of those food pyramid or food guide charts or make one if you have the time and interest. These will describe the different food groups and what foods they would include. Now stick this chart up in the kitchen so that you become well aware of what the different foods are. This will make it easier for meal planning and deciding your meals beforehand.

When to Eat What
Great confusion! That’s what it is? Not at all! Just understand this basic concept when planning your meals and you won’t find it an ordeal anymore. Plan your meals such that you include these pointers:

  • Fruit
  • Breakfast (very, very important!)
  • Mid snack
  • Lunch
  • Mid snack
  • Dinner
  • Soup/Salad (Optional)

Start your day with a fruit because that is the most ideal time to have it. It’ll kick start your metabolism. Your system needs that sugar early in the morning and it will convert it into pure energy instead of into bad sugar. Then wait for half an hour before you have your breakfast. Your breakfast should be heavy and contain carbs as a rule! Do not compromise on this cause this is the one time in the day that your digestive system is in full force, then as the day progresses, it becomes less and less active.

For lunch, make sure to include all the basic food groups (refer to the chart) and concentrate on whole wheat and green leafy vegetables. Avoid extra spicy and oily foods.

Your dinner should preferably be light and if possible, try and have your dinner before 7pm. After 7, the digestive system becomes sluggish and will not be able to break down and digest the food effectively. If you eat heavy meals after 7, you are taxing your digestive system. If this happens, then you will begin to see results in the way of bloating and weight gain. Dinner should contain only one main dish like chicken or fish instead of 4-5 choices. Most preferably have these grilled or roasted instead of fried and with heavy sauces. If you have your dinner by 7 but you only sleep by 11-11.30, then you’ll probably feel hungry again at 9-9.30 pm. That is when you have a soup (vegetable or mushroom not ‘cream’) or a salad. This will not tax your system. Just make sure that you have eaten at least two hours before sleeping, or else the food won’t be digested.

The Mid Snacks
Why is it necessary to have mid snacks? Let’s understand the theory behind this first. It is ideal when you have 5-6 small meals per day as opposed to 3 huge ones. This does not tax your system and you get the maximum benefits out of the food. The mid snacks therefore become necessary because the portion of the food that you consume during your breakfast, lunch and dinner is lessened due to the fact that you’re having mid snacks. As a rule, every meal should have a 2-2 ½ hour gap between the previous and the next. And consciously try to consume less portions of food because you will any way be having mid snacks. Mid snacks is not like a meal. It is a snack, so include things like half a cube of cheese, tender coconut, a glass of milk, cucumber, tomato or sprouts, chickpeas and nuts. All of these are absolutely healthy foods. Do not fool yourself with the idea that chips or patties etc is considered healthy eating or a healthy snack, because it is not.

Other Pointers

  • You’re probably not willing to give up on the other foods that are not considered healthy. You can have them, but you need to know when. Once you know that they’re not healthy for you, that should be a deterrent by itself. But if you do want to give in to temptation sometimes, just make sure that you have them early in the morning or right after an hour of exercising and only once a week! These are the times that it won’t have a negative effect on your body and one should keep this in mind especially if one is on a drive to losing weight.
  • Go in for a detox once very 15 days for a complete cleanse of your system. But be very careful about this, please research before doing anything!
  • Eating healthy is just one section of good health. Health also depends on your lifestyle, so help your health by doing some form of exercise, sleeping and eating on time and refraining from drinking and smoking.
  • Try not to mix food types. If you’re having rice on a particular day, then don’t have rolls and vice versa.
  • Have a lot of water! And hot water if possible. Avoid drinking cold water with your meals as this hampers the process of breaking down food and causes varied degrees of digestive problems.

I hope I’ve been able to at least give you the general idea of a healthy diet and how to start eating healthy. So make the most of it and live the only way you’re supposed to – healthy and hearty.

Planning Healthy Meals for Your Kids

There comes a time in every mother’s life when she will have to deal with the fear of her kids taking to junk food or becoming picky eaters. And since it is pretty obvious that every mother wants her kids to have healthy meals and build a good immune system so that there are no deficiencies, the ever present conundrum will always put her on a quest to find healthy meal options. Then that is exactly what this piece is all about. It will give you some basic ideas on how to plan meals for kids and what to include in the same.

Planning for Kids’ Meals

Timings for Having Food Should be Fixed

Make sure that you keep a check on the kind of food kids are eating and the meal times as well. If you do not feed them at a time when they are hungry, they will end up stuffing on unhealthy food. Which is not something you want.

Kids Should have Breakfast

Make sure that you include breakfast in your kids’ diet. If this habit is inculcated from the very beginning then the kids will not have a problem following it throughout their lives.

Include Variety in the Kids’ Food

Kids need variety, so aim to mix up the foods and do not stick to the same menu all through the week.

Presentation of Food is the Key to make the Kids Eat

Kids don’t know the importance of eating their greens and the like, so chances are they’ll refuse to have them. That is why it is your duty to make those dishes interesting for them. Make sure to include a small treat or a favorite food in most meals. This will make them feel motivated to have the food. Telling them about how the food will help them get energy like their favorite cartoon character or the like. In this manner you can make sure that the kids eat well and right.

Quick and Healthy Meals

Sandwiches and Tortillas

Sandwiches are one of the easiest and convenient to make dishes for kids as they provide high nutrition. The trick is to make it interesting with ingredients like chicken, eggs, ham, and beef and include colorful vegetables like tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. Change the tastes by adding different sauces and spices. Include side dishes like boiled vegetables with it and you’ll have some of the best meals on a budget.


Rice is another favorite among kids. Make it more interesting and healthy for them by changing the way in which you make the rice. Add ingredients like chicken, seafood, and vegetables to the rice or make it a simple form of cumin or saffron rice. Simple, tasty, and nutritious. Provide a side dish of mashed potatoes and you’re good to go.


Variety upon variety of choices are available for this one. Chicken, mushroom, and vegetable soups are always a favorite. Make use of healthier ingredients like spinach, carrot or beet soup when kids don’t like it in any other medium. Once in a while also include alphabet and macaroni soup and you’ll have happy troopers at that table.

Noodles and Spaghetti

Simple noodles, or spaghetti and meatballs―these traditional recipes make for some interesting choices as well. Use a variety of ingredients and spices to make them more interesting.

Fun and Healthy Foods

Beans and toast

Jam/marmalade/peanut butter and bread

Hummus and pita

French omelet

Fruit dish spiced with pepper

Salads with assorted salad dressings

It might seem like planning healthy meals for kids is a gargantuan task and no mean feat to achieve, but now that you have been given an idea of how to go about it, as well as have a few recipes for the same, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble coming up with some healthy and tasty meals.

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Ways to Make Eating Healthy Easier

In the middle of the week, after staying late at the office for three days in a row, it can be much easier to make a stop at a fast-food restaurant on the way home than even think about cooking a healthy meal for you and your family. Surprisingly, though, cooking healthy meals can be really easy if you follow these simple tips.

Plan a Weekly Menu

The best way to keep yourself from eating pizza and takeout all week is to plan a weekly menu of foods that you will make during the week. On the weekend, take a few minutes to look through your cookbooks or search the internet for great recipes you want to try, make a grocery list, and go buy all the ingredients you’ll need for the week. Keep in mind that you can save money by making several meals with the same ingredients, and this also helps to avoid wasting food. You can make burgers one night and tacos the next, for example, all while using the same ground beef and veggies. Write down your menu and tape it to the refrigerator so everyone in your family knows what you’re having, and so you’re held accountable for making the food you planned to make. Creatively using leftovers can also be a real time-saver and help you cook healthier meals each night.

Chop in Advance

No one wants to come home after a long day at work and stand on their feet in the kitchen, chopping vegetables. Immediately after you get home from the grocery store, chop everything you’ll need for the week and store it in reusable containers. You can even organize your containers based on what meal you’ll be cooking, so all you have to do is come home, take out the proper containers, and toss them in the pan.

Buy Frozen Foods

Frozen foods are a great time-saver. I’m not talking about frozen pizza or TV dinners, here. If you’re trying to eat healthy, you probably want to avoid those items! However, steam-in-bag vegetables and pre-marinated meats are a great way to eat healthy without spending too much time preparing a meal. They’re easy to pop in the microwave or oven right after work, and they taste great, too. Just be sure you thaw your meat before going to work so you don’t have to spend time doing that when you get home.

Cook With Colors

People eat with their eyes as much as their taste buds, and part of making healthy meals appetizing is making them look good. Make it your goal with each meal to put as many colorful foods on the plate as possible. Have green and orange vegetables, white and yellow cheeses and breads, and blue and red fruits with every meal. This will not only make your plate look delicious, but it will help you get all of your key nutrients, too. It helps, also, if you divide your plate into four, putting a different piece of the meal – and of the food pyramid – in each segment. This can help ensure you get all you need to keep you going through a busy work week.

The Simpler the Better

You don’t have to “master the art of French cooking” to be a great chef. When looking for recipes, a good rule of thumb to follow is the simpler the better. Recipes with five to ten ingredients are usually the best, especially for the work week. You don’t need to make a Thanksgiving feast every night. Just some really good meat and veggies will do the trick.