Monthly Archives: December 2016

I Wiped out on the Ski Slopes

I never really claimed to be a great skier, although it is not like I am a novice. This time I probably let the girl I was with lead me onto a slope that was a bit more advanced than I am. It is not as though you could not tell that she is a far better skier than I am. She could handle this sort of slope when she was a little girl, because her parents have been taking her skiing for years. I end up laying on a table with a Sacramento chiropractor examining me however. I sort of think that I may have hit a little patch of ice, but I really do not know.

Pain Can Happen with Minor Accidents Too

I was in a car accident not all that long ago, but you really would not be able to tell. It seemed more like a fender bender when you look at the damage to my car. There were just a few scrapes and a crushed bumper, and a tail light was taken out. I was wearing my seat belt, so I thought that I was just feeling sore from being jostled around a bit. I initially dismissed my thought about seeing a Fort Myers chiropractor because it just didn’t seem possible that I had sustained more damage than what was obvious to the eye, but I changed my mind when the pain did not go away.

When I called the local chiropractor’s office and explained that I was in pain from a car accident, they urged me to come in that day.

I Wanted to Try Something Different Because I Was Desperate

I found myself frantically looking online for a really good Sacramento chiropractor. I felt that I had enough of living with pain, and I was willing to try anything. I had seen so many doctors that I had lost count. Four of them recommended surgery. As someone who cannot afford health insurance, I did not have the thousands of dollars that would be needed for an operation. And I certainly could not take time off of work to recuperate from that type of surgery for a couple of weeks. I knew that there had to be some other way to get help, and I just had to figure out what that help would be.

My stroke of luck was that I was watching a really compelling documentary one day. It was all about the people that people suffer through on a daily basis, and it also talked about how people go through that into their senior years. They talked to a lot of chiropractors on the show who shared the way that they help people who are in pain. I wondered if there would any hope for me if I want to see one. I decided to check it out. Anything was worth not going through what I had been going through.

I went to see one, and the thing that blew me away is how much better I felt soon after. I had been having trouble for years, but just one appointment showed me a marked decrease in the pain I had in my lower and upper back. It was really amazing, to be honest. So, I went back for a second appointment, then a third and a fourth. By my fifth one, I was feeling fantastic. It was a surprise to me and everyone else who I told about it. Now I have friends going to get help now, too.

I Needed Quick Help for My Son’s Tooth Problem

My son came into my room yesterday morning and cried next to the bed. I jolted awake and sat up straight in bed immediately. I grabbed him, worried that he had fallen down. I asked what was wrong, and he pointed to his mouth. I looked inside and saw a very large abscessgrowing out of the side of one of his gums. I got up and called a Tracy dentist right away. An abscessis never a good thing for anyone, and certainly not good for a small boy of only 7 years old.

I thought I would need to beg for an appointment for my son, but the dentist’s office said that I should bring him in immediately when they heard he had an abscess. I breathed a sigh of relief. Since it was early morning, I knew that my little boy would be hungry.

Chiropractic Help Gets Me Back at Work with No More Pain

I work for the city as a residential waste remover. Yes, I’m a garbage man. It’s okay, the job pays me okay, and it really does keep me in shape. I hop on and off the back of that truck all day each work day. We have strict protocols for drivers not pulling away until they see you on the back of the truck. I stood on my platform and held on after a stop. I was ready, and then dropped my glove. I stepped down to grab it, and then I was seeing a San Francisco chiropractor for a few weeks. The driver pulled out while I was holding on. I fell and was dragged about a foot. He stopped right away. It was my fault not his.

I finished the run. I was not hurting at all. I did not hit anything or get scraped up. I was just pulled forward and dragged by my boots for about one foot. I never fell or let go of the truck. However, I must have really wrenched my back up when I got pulled. It started to hurt that evening. When I woke up for my next shift, I had to call off.