Exercises Tips to get rid of double chin

images-13When you gain weight, it is possible that some of the fat to settle around the neck, leading to the formation and double chin. To avoid this problem, the only solution is a quick and complete cosmetic surgery, but can you do this, and partly through a general process of losing weight, as well as some exercises that can tone your neck muscles.

Here are some exercises to get rid of double chin.

1. To the front of the neck.- Relax your shoulders. Stand with your feet as the distance between the shoulders, and relax your body. If you feel more comfortable, sits up on a chair.- Go bottom lip over his top lip and remain so. Meanwhile, put your tongue on the roof of the mouth and hold it in this position throughout this exercise.- Inhale and raise your head slightly so you get to gaze at the ceiling. Stay in this position for two to three seconds, and hold your breath. You should feel a stretch in front of the neck.- Inhale slowly while your head come down until you reach the starting position.- Repeat the process two or three times shortly after the first practice. Over time, increase the number of repetitions until you get to 10-15, two or three times a day.

2. To the sides of the neck.- Start in same position as in exercise for the front of the neck (also sitting on a chair if you feel more comfortable). So, go down over the lip above the mouth and tongue positions.- Exhale as you your head back to the left, slowly and gently, trying to look over your shoulder. You should feel a stretch in the side of the neck.- Bend your chin toward your left shoulder, slowly, as you exhale. Stay in this position for two to three seconds.- Turn your head toward your chest and lift it slowly until you reach a position where you started the exercise (the first).- Repeat the process, but this time turn your head to the right, and bend your chin toward your right shoulder.

Exercises done to both sides is considered a recurrence. Repeat two or three times, the first attempt, but in time, go up to 10-15 reps, two to three times a day.
If you want to do a surgery to get rid of fat in the neck area is very important to inform yourself well before, what the procedure involves. An intake of fat around the neck can be done in 30 minutes – one hour under general anesthesia.