I Wiped out on the Ski Slopes

I never really claimed to be a great skier, although it is not like I am a novice. This time I probably let the girl I was with lead me onto a slope that was a bit more advanced than I am. It is not as though you could not tell that she is a far better skier than I am. She could handle this sort of slope when she was a little girl, because her parents have been taking her skiing for years. I end up laying on a table with a Sacramento chiropractor examining me however. I sort of think that I may have hit a little patch of ice, but I really do not know. I thought that I was doing well, in fact I was most of the way down the slope when I lost control. It was very intense right then, I knew that I was in a bit of trouble.

I saw the trees coming very rapidly and they got my attention. It was lucky that I managed to dig one foot into the ground, but I still struck a tree with my lower back. I did not let them take me to the medical place. In fact I got up and I walked away, although I had a really bad bruise on my back and my left hip. It was painful, but I was hoping that it would heal up. I was able to get around fine for the rest of the day, although not comfortably. It hurt me plenty, but the next day I stiffened up really badly. I eventually realized that my back was not going to get better. The doctor did nothing except to offer me some pills, the sort that I am rather afraid of. So I had to see a chiropractor.