It Came from the Attic

I’ve always been afraid to go in the attic in my home. It’s dark up there, and just about anything could be up there. One day I heard some thumping coming from the attic. I ignored it, but the thumping became louder, and moved across the attic. I knew something had gotten inside the attic. I turned on my Blazeray flashlight, pulled out the ladder and started to climb. As I placed my foot on each rung, goosebumps popped up all over my body. I opened the attic door and climbed inside. At this point, there was no turning back.

I walked slowly in the attic, hoping that nothing would be there but some old junk. There were some spider webs in thee corners, and there was a lot dust in the air. I wished I had brought a dust mask with me. I saw one of the boxes in the attic move, and walked slowly towards it. As I got closer, a squirrel appeared from behind the box and ran back behind it. The squirreled scared me so much that I let out a scream and started climbing back down the ladder. I closed the door behind me and made sure that the squirrel didn’t come back down with me.

I called animal control and told them about the squirrel in my attic. They came over with some traps and climbed up into the attic. They were so fearless when they climbed up, unlike me who was terrified. They caught the squirrel in less than five minutes. The squirrel had gotten into the attic by a damaged vent, and when it couldn’t figure out how to get back out the same way it came in, it started scurrying around. I had to call someone to repair the damage to the vent, so that nothing else would get inside.